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LPG, CNG & LNG - General Info and Issues Share experiences and problems

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LPG on the yamaha V8 engine - XC90

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Old Apr 10th, 2013, 20:10   #21
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Fair point, Dai...what I meant was that monitoring AFRs on-load is essential. That's perfectly possible on-road with the right's exactly how we (petrol) mapped the 740 Turbo.

The trouble with pre-wideband cars is that you have no idea what the car is doing on full load unless you add a wideband (in the tailpipe, or better still via a bung in the downpipe). Assuming the ECU has it sorted it risky, in my experience. The Landi system I had had an RPM vs Load map which would need adjusting with the aid of a wideband. Obviously that's not an issue for something more modern (like the XC90) with a factory-installed wideband.


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Old Apr 10th, 2013, 20:14   #22
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The other key thing is fully understand how the map works and making sure you do not have any holes in the map. It is those holes that will create the big problems.
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Old May 22nd, 2013, 23:04   #23
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Default Options for injector & nozzle placement

Hello gentlemen,

I have been away for the best part of the month and did not have time to convert my S80 V8 yet.

While I was away I was searching through the net and found this:

It does not seem to be neat and I, personally, don't like 25-35cm runners and then having further 20-25cm of convoluted manifold duct i.e nearly half a metre for a gas to pass from injector to cylinder with half of this 'journey' being in a premixed state. However, such arrangement makes conversion much easier without a need to take off petrol rail & the bottom part of the manifold. I guess, it would have been neater to put individual injectors on each or the ducts.

Last weekend I took the upper part of the inlet manifold off just to see where would be the best places to drill the lower manifold. Not too much space here and there are a few alternatives. They are as follows:

1) Drill the wholes and install injectors directly between the lower and upper parts of the manifold. I completely agree with Dai that in such case one needs to go for extremely reliable LPG injectors. However, the space is tight there and the only way to make this option to work is by using 90 degree bent lpg hoses. Any attempt to bend a 12mm (6mm - i.d.) lpg pipe can collapse it.
There are silicone hoses with 90 and 135 degree tight bends, but I have never used silicone hoses for lpg and will not do this unless I am completely sure that they are lpg-friendly. Any advice on their compatibility is greatly appreaciated? The upstream hoses need to be fed through the gap openings at the front(left) bank

2) Drill the holes in the lower part of the manifold and feed the lpg hoses through the gap openings at the front(left) bank. A couple of the injector rails need to be located outside the front bank and connected to the lpg hoses.

The same problem as in (1): to keep the length of lpg hoses more or less equal one needs to use 90 degree hose bends so that the runners to the rear bank are not twice as long as the ones leading to the front bank.

3) Connect individual injectors to the ducts at the upper part of the inlet manifold as shown in the link above. The use of individual injectors will allow me to use 4-5 cm connecting hoses instead of 25-30cm thus reducing the length between the injectors and the inlet valves.

Problem: a substantial part of the manifold will be filled with the premixed gas and there might be a risk of backfire.

Not entirely sure which option is best.

I noticed that there are quick-fit connectors on the market where there is special connector got installed between the engine and a petrol injector. The gas is being fed through this connector too. This is a very neat solution, but unfortunately, on this particular engine, injectors on the front and rear bank are not parallel to each other. Plus there is a fair bit of a problem with the petrol injector rail being pressed against the upper part of the inlet manifold.
Shame, so I need to choose from the 3 options above.
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Old May 22nd, 2013, 23:29   #24
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Another Bigas bodge conversion!

The instructions are very poor and do not show you all that has been done or what is needed.

If you look at the photos they have actualy fitted straws into the manifold so the point of injection should be nearly in the right place. They are showing that you need to advance the injection firing order. Now doing it manualy on a V engine is going to cause you problems and if injection advance is needed there there is a problem with install on this type of engine.

To keep the pipe lengths reasonable then individual injectors and straws might be the best bet. There is no need for the petrol addition unless doing that instead of using a valve saver system.

Again a ECU memory reset should not be needed but with the setup they have there the fuel trims will have been drifting and causing restart problems without the ECU reset.

In fairness those instructions were made in 2007 and most systems have moved on a lot since then.

The silicon pipe will take gas but it is not fuel safe so should not be used. PTFE or Nylon pipe can be used as per the manifold straws.
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Old Sep 16th, 2014, 14:11   #25

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Originally Posted by Volvo_Grip View Post
I would be very grateful if you could suggest a solution to the high pressure issue in the petrol line.
Hi, I am new at this forum and have the same problem. My car is XC90 V8 and has the high pressure issue, the light comes on and after some time I have to reset the ECU (disconnecting the battery) because the car stops and doesn't start. After resseting everything works fine (but the light).

Did you find any solution to this issue? My installer here in Spain does not find anything to solve it after 4 months and I am worried.

Thanks in advance.
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Old Sep 16th, 2014, 15:28   #26
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A fuel return line is the only solution that works every time
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Old Jul 1st, 2018, 12:55   #27
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Hello . I have Volvo XC90 2010 V8 with LPG but i have a problem . We cant figure out the right mixture , can you send me the LPG Map for V8 XC90 with the correct mixture ?
Thank you !
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Old Jul 1st, 2018, 23:54   #28
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I did see your visitor post but for some reason would not allow a reply.

No use sending you a MAP as 1) most likely you are not using the same ECU. 2) your injectors /vapouriser etc are also unlikely to be the same and 3rd if the point of injection is not the same the map will not work and 4th even two cars with identical engines, LPG components and all fitted the same will have optimum maps that differ from each other.

More than happy to look a photos of your install and config files and advise
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Old Jul 2nd, 2018, 23:05   #29
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[QUOTE=Welder;1155473I have spoken to Prins over this and he told me that he hadn't personally fitted one to this engine [/QUOTE]

I have the aforementioned car with the LPG conversion.
It's a 2007, the car was first owned by Prinz and it has had there LPG conversion on from new.
It's currently done 84000k with no issues regarding engine.
Silver XC90 V8 SE LUX LPG conversion
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Old Jun 15th, 2019, 02:58   #30
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Default duel fuel

When doing these gas conversions on the Yamaha V8 engine is it still possible to have the option of keeping the engine on petrol as well, with a simple switch between the two. I am thinking of moving the five back seats out to make room for more fuel storage although I have no idea if that is feasible or even if it would be legal! but it would make the long hauls between towns/citys out here a bit easier
2009 XC 90 V8
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