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Volvo V40 D2 1.6 2014 issue with engine cooling system

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Old Jan 14th, 2020, 14:26   #21
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Seems I am in the same boat, took it to a garage and then thought initially a broken water pump, but the problem still existed, now they are saying a cracked cylinder head....which equates to big expense.
Going to contact Volvo to see their response!!
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Old Jan 29th, 2020, 08:07   #22
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Default V40 D2 1.6 2014 Coolant Loss Problem 71K Miles

First time poster . It appears I am having the same problem. I've had the car 41/2 years and have had various instances of the coolant low warning. It was in a main dealer a couple of years ago, then once with an AA callout when my partner was driving. The AA guy commented that the volvo sensors were "twitchy" and she was parked on a hill. He topped it up and all has been fine for a year or so.
Last week it was due for it's annual service MOT etc. I've use a volvo independant specialist for the past couple of years and as I pulled onto his forecourt the warning appeared! Pointed this out, and when I picked the car up they had topped up the coolant and all appeared fine for about 1 day. The car was taken back to the repair shop yesterday and a head gasket failure has been diagnosed. The coolant system was showing excess pressure.
I've noticed that the windscreen demist has been much less efficient for the past couple of weeks forgot to mention this to the repair shop. I'm not technical but could this be part of the same problem and is the issue likely to end at the head gasket or could it be worse. I'm worried about giving the garage the go ahead for the gasket, only for them to find follow on issues. Any advice would be very gratefully received
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Old Feb 4th, 2020, 23:56   #23
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When you say the windscreen demist has been less efficient, do you mean with the aircon working, or without? Or is the heater just putting out less heat than before?

In all honesty I've never knowingly had a head gasket go. Years ago a family member did with an original 3 Series BMW and I think one of the symptoms was it running hot, though also we thought the problems began with a faulty expansion tank cap that wasn't holding the pressure, that also caused overheating, which in turn caused the head gasket to fail. So unless coolant wasn't flowing through your heater pipes for some reason, I'd have thought even with a faulty head gasket you'd still get heat into the car. In the old days, with an engine oil dipstick, you'd get emulsified oil (mayonnaise) on the dipstick if water was mixing with oil. Maybe you can see this under the filler cap if there's no dipstick. Also, you might see air bubbles in the coolant in the expansion tank with the engine idling if the cooling system is being pressurised.

Unfortunately there's never any guarantee other issues might not be found when a car is taken apart. That's why I asked if the demister issue concerns air conditioning not working, or the heat going off.
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Old Feb 5th, 2020, 23:35   #24
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Thanks for the information. I had a call today from the garage and with the engine dismantled they have found a hairline crack in one of the main engine components. It's probably beyond economic repair to fit a new engine from Volvo, so there's big decisions to be made on a six year old car at just 71k miles. I'm going to take a look at the damage tomorrow. I've never had a high temperature warning, just those few instances of coolant low warnings with negligable coolant loss, that neither the main dealer or AA seemed concerned about.

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Old Feb 17th, 2020, 00:50   #25
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Hi, having the same problem first replaced the water pump then the thermostat was broken... right now the pressure in the coolant expansion tank rises when I'm going faster than 100km/h until there is no water left (after bleeding the system it's there again) in the tank.
The test for co2 was negative. Can it still be "just" a broken head gasket or is it more likely to be that the engine block or head is cracked? In my mind if the head gasket would be broken there would be traceable co2 gases in the cooling system.
Please tell me I'm wrong and I only need to replace the head gasket
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Old Jun 7th, 2021, 10:12   #26
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Hi, had the same problem with my V60 D2 1.6 2013 D4162T. In my case the head was cracked (probably for a while) but I wasn't sure because the water was visibly leaking directly from the expansion tank (bottom part) probably due to the high pressure. One day (few weeks back) a smelly smoke came out of the exhaust system which made me take a look at the head gasket and the head itself.
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