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S40 / V40 '96-'04 General Forum for the Volvo S40 and V40 (Classic) Series from 1995-2004.

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new S40 owner

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Old Aug 20th, 2023, 11:03   #1
New Member

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Location: manchester
Default new S40 owner

Hello all,,

I recently bought a 2003 S40 1.8 sport and being totally new to volvos and the model i bought i was wondering if someone could give me any brief information on what the common mechanical problems are for this car, things to look out for etc

its currently on 98k (6 owners) with a full service history, timing belt was done at 70k, and after a month of ownership all seems ok, no knocks/rattles/clunks etc, engine pulls fine when floored, gearbox feels smooth.

the paintwork is a little rough, the bonnet/hood needs a respray, the headliner is knackered, the cream leather interior pretty decent condition no rips etc although the drivers seat bolsters are in bad shape any tips on leather repair would be appreciated,, overall it seems to be mostly old age/cosmetic things that need attention.

I want to bring it back to life, certainly cosmetically as 20+yrs its looking a little tired now, but mainly wanting to know of what to look out for mechanically so any information would be appreciated,

also any tuning tips would be also be appreciated, granted its only the 1.8 model so nobody probably bothered tuning one before but curious to know if there is any extra ponies hidden in this engine (think i know the answer lol)

are the alloys (see thumbnails) on my car volvo or aftermarket? is so what are they called as i can't seem to find any info?

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Old Aug 20th, 2023, 16:29   #2
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Location: Northampton

The wheels are 17 inch Arcadia - genuine Volvo.
2001 V40 2.0lt Sport Lux - Daily Driver. 178k miles.
2003 C70 2.4 GT Convertible - Garage Queen. 67k miles.
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Old Jun 8th, 2024, 19:16   #3
Tom Sawyer
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Default S-40 issues

Hey Jackson -

I have a 2001, bought it new, and have run into several issues - most easy to fix yourself. The car has about 160k on the clock. I plan on keeping it until the A/C dies and is more than a $1,000us to fix. Fortunately I have a mechanic with 25+ years experience working on Volvos, is honest, and has a shop in a small town = very reasonable rates.

Let me know if you still own it and I'll send you info for what I have run into.


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Many Thanks to all - Tom
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Old Jun 9th, 2024, 15:08   #4
Can Cruiser
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Location: AB

Looks very clean and tidy. Enjoy it..
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Old Jun 11th, 2024, 18:05   #5
Tom Sawyer
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Location: Centerville

Hey Can Cruiser,

Thanks. Despite the warnings from friends (just buy new, you are wasting your money), I have done* several thousand dollars in repairs over the past ten years and the car is getting better and better each year. Lots of small items along with the entire PCV system (did it myself! - I had minimal prior experience) *a few big repairs by my mechanic, like a front CV axle.

The only major (?) thing remaining is one of the engine seals is still leaking a very small amount of oil. It is an expensive repair and I won't do it myself, so my mechanic says just keep an eye on it.


Forums make life so much easier
Many Thanks to all - Tom
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