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340 "GLE Limited Edition 1.7"?

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Old Jun 30th, 2021, 17:14   #1
Cylinder 8
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Default 340 "GLE Limited Edition 1.7"?

Hi All,

I've recently bought a 1988 340 that's been sat in a slightly damp garage for the best part of 20 years. My original plan was to restore it enough to pass an MOT and then sell it on as a running and driving project. I've started to consider doing an engine swap instead but if it's particularly rare then it's obviously best left alone.

I've read about the 300 "Limited Edition" cars that were made in '88 that apparently all had leather seats and a sunroof, in fact I saw one at Volvo 600 last weekend. My car does not have either of these things, and is badged "Limited Edition 1.7" rather than just "Limited Edition". So is there another version I don't know about? Has someone just stuck the badge on the boot of a normal GLE?

If anyone has any ideas what my car actually is and how rare it is/isn't I'd love to know!

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Old Jul 8th, 2021, 15:45   #2

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Can't answer your question, but some pictures would be nice!
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Old Nov 22nd, 2021, 22:10   #3

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Pretty sure my Dad's (and later my) 340 GLE 1.7 had a limited edition badge. '86 car, bought nearly new in '87 to replace an Allagro. Silver, hatchback, grey cloth interior, heated seats, catalyzer model. Huge step up in build quality from the Allegro.
'93MY Volvo 940SE 2l Petrol Manual non-a/c "Valhallarama"
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Old Nov 24th, 2021, 15:23   #4
300 Maniac
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Does it have colour coded bumpers? The '88 GLE limited editions did, combined with leather interior. I suspect either the interior or boot lid has been swapped at some point, some photos of the car would help confirm.
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Old Nov 25th, 2021, 21:55   #5

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For some reason I don't think we have any - I guess back in the film days we didn't take so many photos of cars! Pretty sure it didn't have colour coded bumpers. This thread has also made me realise Dad bought it almost new - a very rare thing. Probably the result of a decent win on the gee-gees!
'93MY Volvo 940SE 2l Petrol Manual non-a/c "Valhallarama"
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