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Auto Powershift Gearbox Problem! V40 MPS6 Error P284B Shift

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Old Sep 4th, 2019, 14:47   #1
kid n london
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Default Auto Powershift Gearbox Problem! V40 MPS6 Error P284B Shift

Have anyone else had any serious problems with their Automatic Powershift gearbox?

After only 63900 miles my 2014 V40 is indicating ďTransmission Reduced performanceĒ (limp mode) and the TCM is indicating the trouble code P284B: Shift Fork 3 blocked/stuck.
An authorised Volvo Service changed Oil and filter in December at 51780 miles

I donít understand how a gearbox can cause trouble so early. Iíve learned that the MPS6 gearboxes are among the worse on the market and comes from Ford. However Iím surprised that I canít find many posts on the forum with similar issues (only one).

Anyone heard or have any experience?

Is this so serious so the gearbox has to be replaced? Or is it a reprogram of the TCM controller? Cleaning the indicators? The box have never felt bad or it doesnít sound or feel bad when driving it in limp mode (gears 1-3).

Owner of V40 D2 1.6 R-DESIGN 2014MY (63) - ICE WHITE - D4162T - AUTO POWERSHIFT MPS6 DTC450
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Old Sep 8th, 2019, 08:44   #2
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I believe Volvos policy is not to open up gearboxes, so a dealer is likely want to replace it entirely if the oil change/software updates donít fix it.

There are transmission specialists out the who can overhaul it, might be better to ask for recommendations on a Ford forum?

Opinions are divided on this gearbox, but I think youíve been very unlucky, most of the dealer mechanics will tell you the are usually reliable if looked after...
2015 XC60 D5 SE LUX, 2012 Ford Ranger XL SC, 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500
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Old Jan 7th, 2022, 00:20   #3
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Hi @kid n london,
What was the solution for you in the end? I'm having a similar problem, and hoping that I can avoid an entirely new gearbox!
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