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XC90 2012 CarPlay and Bluetooth

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Old Apr 23rd, 2022, 17:37   #1
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Default XC90 2012 CarPlay and Bluetooth

Purchased a roadtop 8.8 inch CarPlay unit and ripped out the pop up RTI screen. It’s working amazingly well and means I have a relatively cheap CarPlay unit that can connect to my standard Volvo stereo (when I say “well” I have to twiddle the source knob to CD and back again to BT to get the phone to connect to the car, but it does work, otherwise the roadtop plays sound through its built in speaker).

So the question I have is that the car stereo and the roadtop should be able to connect via Bluetooth but the stereo needs a PIN for Bluetooth and it seems the roadtop unit doesn’t support PIN entry (have asked the roadtop co if a software update is coming but they haven’t responded yet).

So the question is.. finally.. is there way to remove the need for a pin from the standard stereo for Bluetooth (and if so how).

I’ll post some pics of the unit when I can work how to upload them.
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Old May 4th, 2022, 13:05   #2
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Default XC90 apple CarPlay

Never did get it to work but I will just wire it in to aux in on the head unit. Software update from the manufacturer didn’t make any difference either

Video here of what it looks like when it’s installed.

Fairly cheap way to get CarPlay and keep the standard head unit. Still a work in progress, need to finish off the mount and cover the back where the wires come out of the unit.

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Old May 11th, 2022, 13:41   #3
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Should have looked at the Legend!
It's superb!
2007 XC90 D5 Auto
2001 V70 2.4T Auto
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Old May 13th, 2022, 15:00   #4
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Originally Posted by DJT View Post
Should have looked at the Legend!
It's superb!
Note that the radio performance is not as good as the original Volvo radio.

Volvo uses diversity FM antennas, the Legend only connects to one FM antenna.
and I've read reports that the FM RDS performance is nowhere near as good.

Whether that bothers you is very much a personal decision
XC90 R-Design MY2009, Black Sapphire Metallic. HP-Sound, RSE, Nav, Tel, ParkingCam, BLIS, ParkingHeater, RestHeat, Removable Towbar, Summer: CRATUS 20x8 on Pirelli Scorpion Zeros 255/45, Winter: NEPTUNE 17x7 on Continental WinterContact 4x4 235/65.
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