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For sale: 2012 Volvo S80 D3 SE Geartronic

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Old Sep 28th, 2019, 15:57   #1

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Location: East Cambs.
Default For sale: 2012 Volvo S80 D3 SE Geartronic

Here for sale is my much-loved Volvo S80 D3 Geartronic.

Due to a recent and very unexpected illness, I am not able to drive for a year. Since we already have a car in the household, I don’t want to see the car go largely un-used.
The car has roughly 137,500 miles which were mostly covered on the motorway. This was through commuting by the previous owner to Glasgow regularly and myself to Yorkshire every other month. The car has spent a lot of time cruising on the motorway and is a dream to drive.

I have owned the car since February 2017 and have regularly maintained it on time with Volvo parts where prudent, both using both Volvo and a local independent garage. I ensure that my cars are looked after and any issues have been dealt with swiftly and with no expense spared.
Shortly after I got the car, I had a brand new set of Volvo discs and pads fitted at ~90,000 miles and most recently a brand new pair Volvo discs and pads on the rear at 136,000 miles.
The tyres on both the front and rear of the car only a year or so old with at least 3-4mm on the rear and 3-4mm on the front.
The gearbox is in good working order. The gearbox oil was changed somewhere between 96,000-100,000 miles and the valve body replaced at 113,000 – I have the receipts. The gearbox works without fault. The only thing of note is that as it warms up, it can jolt when slowing down to a stop or when changing into drive. This seems to be a common Volvo trait of this gearbox as they get a bit older but does not cause any problems under normal driving.

The air-conditioning was re-gassed before summer and has kept me nice and cool all summer.

The car has full black leather interior with heated front seats. It has the facelift radio mounted into the top of the dash. In my opinion, the sound system is excellent!
The car has USB, auxiliary input and Bluetooth which supports hands free and music streaming, it also has a CD player. It also has rear parking sensors, invaluable in a larger car! I have also added the hard wiring for a Nextbase dash cam. It switches on and off with the cigarette lighter circuit.
I have a Brodit pro-clip which fits into the dashboard surround with a universal phone holder attached. This can be removed without causing any damage to the car, but I will leave it for the next owner.
There are full electric windows all round, in good working order. There is also an automatic windscreen wiper feature (took me 3 months to discover it) which can be turned on, on-demand. The wing mirrors are both folding (and heated I believe) minimising risk of damage when parked.
The front seats are in fair condition with a little wear to the bolsters. I have often found myself craving to sit in the car are the seats are so comfortable. There is some wear to the back seats where the previous owner has had child seats. It is purely cosmetic and could be fixed with a bit of TLC and the right treatment.
There is some slight damage to the door cards, perhaps where a child seat has rubbed, again purely cosmetic.
There is some slight wear to the most used buttons, start/stop and volume up/down, play/pause, but again this is cosmetic only.

The outside of the car is in good condition for its age and mileage. There is no rust to my knowledge. There is a small parking scuff to the right hand front side bumper. There is also a small mark to the bottom of the front bumper where I had a slight argument with a parking space “log”. Both of these could be repaired very easily using smart repair services such as Chips Away.
The wheels are in OK condition, however it should be noted that the lacquer is imperfect on most wheels, thanks to the British roads, winter potholes and me finding an occasional kerb when parking. They are perfectly serviceable and purely a cosmetic thing.

The boot is cavernous.
There is a space saver tyre which I don’t think has been used, original jack and tools. I also discovered a half pack of bulbs underneath it. There could be other mystery items, but I’m not taking the tyre out to find them.
One small area of note is that the ‘boot saver/shopping shelf’ has damage to one of the supports. It seems to work fine and I have never used it too much. It could be wood glued back.

I hope to find a new owner who will love this car as much as I have and can give it a happy home.

Asking £5500 or near offer. It's not a perfect car, but it's well maintained with lots of history.

I'm working on the picture upload... bear with me.
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2012 S80 D3 Geartronic

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Old Sep 28th, 2019, 21:43   #2

Last Online: Yesterday 17:45
Join Date: May 2011
Location: East Cambs.

I forgot to mention:

Shortly after I bought the car, I brought the cambelt change forward to 92,000 miles (usually due 108,000, next due 200,000 miles, invoices available and sticker under the bonnet), auxiliary belt (next due around 146,000), belt tensioners and major service at my local Volvo dealer.
2012 S80 D3 Geartronic
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Old Oct 6th, 2019, 09:59   #3

Last Online: Yesterday 17:45
Join Date: May 2011
Location: East Cambs.

Any interest at £5,100?
2012 S80 D3 Geartronic
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Old Nov 15th, 2019, 23:06   #4
New Member

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Location: Berkshire

Hi, Is the car still available?
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Old Jan 17th, 2021, 17:06   #5

Last Online: Yesterday 17:45
Join Date: May 2011
Location: East Cambs.

Bump to this as I'm now in the market for an estate, possibly V70.
Any interest at £3500?

The car had an oil and filter change in 2020 during its MOT. I did the air and pollen filter myself.

Car is now on almost 140,500 miles and has just passed its MOT. New battery fitted August 2020.
2012 S80 D3 Geartronic

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