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B30 engine length

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Old Jul 23rd, 2021, 16:53   #21
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Originally Posted by Derek UK View Post
I think that there has been B30 conversions which have used twin rads, one each side of the front of the engine. Rads don't have to be conventionally shaped.
I've seen twin rads in other applications, you're right. The P1800 is a tight fit, however you look at it, but it would be wonderful as a 6-cylinder, that's for certain.

Circling back to my original question, I'm still stuck trying to find out a length measurement for this engine. Otherwise, I've got a two-hour round trip to completely empty out and repack a large storage unit to get the measurement myself, whether I end up taking the engine or not. Also, I have the seller of a 3-carb manifold on hold until I find out if this is a going concern or dead in the water, so if anyone has a B30 and some time on his hands this weekend....

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Old Jul 29th, 2021, 21:52   #22
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Originally Posted by vykkagur View Post
That's definitely a shoehorn job for sure! Switching to a different manifold would have alleviated the crowding on that side. I really can't see room for the radiator in that set-up, but it must be there. I certainly like the concept, but the stupid boy-racer "wheel arches and wide wheels" look really spoils the whole thing. The Mad Max beer-keg/tank is a humorous touch. Possibly the stock fuel tank was too far gone to be saved.

Looking at this conversion reminded me of another question I have about interchangability between the B30 and the 4-cyl engines, but I've posted that as a separate thread.

Luckily, a flush-grille modification on the Land Rover isn't necessary. The one I rode in years ago still had the Series IIA front end. All that was required were some basic sheetmetal mods to the engine side of the radiator panel. You have to use the 164 rad anyway, and since it's wider, thinner, and not as tall, you can move it farther forward into the radiator panel without affecting the outward appearance. Flat-fronting a Series ruins the distinctive front end and reduces it to Defender status.
yeah the 1800 is a bit of a bodge up for sure but it does show the size of the engine.

You are not wrong about the flat fronts on a series land rover, surely a step too far as styling goes and yes it brings down the series vehicles to a lesser beast even if that does look like a factory stage one model.
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Old Jul 31st, 2021, 18:37   #23
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This might be of help.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg B30A.jpg (171.7 KB, 6 views)
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Old Jul 31st, 2021, 19:41   #24
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Originally Posted by bdhurley View Post
This might be of help.

bdhurley, you are my new best friend!!! I don't know where you found this diagram, but it's exactly what I'm after. There's enough there for me to calculate the dimension I need, plus every other aspect of this engine. I cannot thank you enough, sir!
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