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PLEASE HELP - 17 Volvo S60

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Old Jul 1st, 2018, 23:30   #1
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Default PLEASE HELP - 17 Volvo S60

On three separate occasions I have received this message:

"Press and hold start button until engine starts"

It clicks and will not start. I have taken it to the dealer and they did some software update but it keeps happening.

The car as 11.1k miles and under a 3 year lease (25 months remain).

What are my options. This car is not reliable and may not start at any time. Generally if I wait 10 or so hours it does start.

Please advise if you have seen this before or what my options may be? The car is currently parked at a gas a station as it died again and I am waiting for the tow truck.

Thank you!
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Old Jul 13th, 2018, 09:37   #2

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If it's just clicking, it could be a bust starter motor. Have a garage take a look at it for you.
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Old Jul 13th, 2018, 19:29   #3
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Insist the dealer take it back and check it out properly...!
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Old Mar 10th, 2022, 18:58   #4
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Default Same problem

Did you ever figure this out. I'm having the same problem with the same message.

"press and hold start button until engine starts”

My Car won't start. I've had it checked out and they can't figure it out.
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