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I think the issue with the new shape XC90 is it's popularity and therefore cost - early (2015) examples in good order with sensible mileage are commanding north of 25k still, with the last of the old shape models with similar provenance selling for 10k less.

Back to your question though, in the run-out years for the XC/V70 (2015MY & 2016 MY) the cars had two engine/gearbox combination.

AWD cars - 5 cylinder Volvo engine and 6-speed auto (D3 & D4 = 2.0, D5 is 2.4) harks back to the D5 intorduced in 2002.

2WD/FWD cars - 4 cylinder 2.0 Volvo VEA diesel engine and 8 speed auto (D3 & D4).

All are very good and reliable, but as you would expect the later 4 cylinder engine and 8-speed gearbox gives more refinement. The 4 cylinder D4 engine is also ultre reliable but make sure its had the EGR recall work. The P3 platform is fairly solid, no major issues, not quite as robust as the P2 but nothing else is....
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