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Default XC60 EGR Valve

Hi All

Please forgive as new to the group and I am know this issue has no doubt been covered on numerous threads..

I have a '14 plate XC60 R-Design, 55k on clock.
I have had the engine management light come on on the dash and also on occasion the reduced performance indication also appears. Car drives hesitantly at times, and struggles to idle well, particularly when cold.
Car has been taken to Volvo dealer for code read and clear, which of course returned immediately. I have been told this is an issue with the EGR valve, the fault code is P2401300 and a new EGR is needed to be fitted at 800 all in.

I dont doubt the issue analysis is correct as this fits, however my question is, as I have read about other EGR issues being paid for by Volvo does anyone know if this comes under the same umbrella?

Many thanks in advance for any advice/knowledge.
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