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Originally Posted by 008stewie View Post
Anyone know where the positive cable runs from for the 2nd Battery behind the bumper, just bought a crashed one and got it 85% done just need to get this sorted as my local stealership ainít being that helpful and keep sending wrong parts.

Also keeps blowing the ef05 fuse as soon as I turn ignition on.

Thanks for any advice
Hi there mate. Good job with the repair. Iíve noticed there is not much help out there for newer volvos and everybody recommends going to the dealership which is not possible always.

Iím also repairing a 2019 crashed v60, currently itís not starting m, I was wondering if you could offer any advice? Is there some sort of feul cut off? I have checked the pyro fuse and it looks ok. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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