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Default XC60 T8 - MY21 or MY22?

We're close to pulling the trigger but I'm in a bit of a quandary.

Very tempted by a MY21 R-Design Pro with options that I want (and a couple I didn't consider), it has been pre-registered so I wouldn't be the first owner but that doesn't bother me. It would mean a bit of a journey to view the car and then again for pickup. I'd also be looking to try to get a good deal on a set of 20" wheels to replace the 22" that are on it now. Obviously, it would be available immediately.

Alternatively, my local dealer has done me a great quote on an Inscription Pro with the specific extras I'm after but would mean placing a factory order that wouldn't arrive until September or October.

The costs between the 2 are almost identical, so financially it's the toss of a coin.

What is the general consensus over the differences in the 2 model years? Am I better taking the MY21 with the fuel heater over the electric heater for example, or are the changes for 22 worth waiting for?
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