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There would indeed appear to be anomalies in the specification / equipment level, 'L.S.'

I had an '83 245 GLT and it was equipped from the factory with E/W x 4, A/C, the same MOD transmission and auxiliary gauges. The only difference was that mine had an analogue external temperature gauge / ice alert where this example would appear to have a digital one in the bottom LH corner of the cluster. I must confess that I did not realise that the oil temperature gauge was a rarity - I didn't think that was so in period.

It had the same blue plush interior, which I much preferred to leather, and was finished in a dark blue metallic.

I think the only nonstandard 'extra' was the A/C. I understood that the car was an ex-embassy vehicle, which may explain why it was originally specified.

I think I paid 1600 for it at 12 years old, doubled the mileage to 120K in three years, and sold it on for 500 - How times change!

Regards, John.
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