Thread: D5 (D5244T to 2005) - The 6805 Boost pressure riddle
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Originally Posted by camturbo View Post
Did you replace the boost control sensor with a brand new one,the one at front of engine below egr pipe? Just trying to find answers. What is your temp gauge reading when fully up to temp? Dont know if coolant temp sensor will effect boost as such but it might give ecu incorrect info so to speak
Yes, this was one of the first things we did. Its got a brand new Volvo one on. All the parts we have bought are genuine volvo ones, buy cheap, buy twice, so we always opt for the genuine parts.

The temp gauge reads normal (half way) when up to temperature. That is an interesting point though. We also have an iveco van we bought to convert to a camper and coolant along with fuel temps effect how the ECU manages the engine.

I will do a live data session on it today and see what the temp gauge is reading and post here what the results are.

Thank you Camturbo
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