Thread: D5 (D5244T to 2005) - The 6805 Boost pressure riddle
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Originally Posted by SushiNinja View Post
Thank you for the replies Simmy and Camturbo.

What we dont understand is that if the intercooler had a pin hole etc, or the pipe that Camturbo suggests is soft/split, then surely a restart of the car would not solve those things and we would still get the limited performance. A restart of the car and you can drive without any restricted performance.

This solution although temporary is leading us to think it is a sensor or switch that is faulty.

Does anyone know what the sensor/switch is that is on the pipe going up from the turbo air intake pipe and over the top of the engine?
the device on the breather pipe where it goes into the turbo air intake hose is a heater to heat the crankcase fumes and vapourise them so they don't condense in the turbocharger... Whats the highest vacuum your pump can produce ?
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