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Default Volvo xc90 prop shaft noise

Hello I'm a bit lost in this case. I've read a lot of forums about similar cases, but no one seems spot on. By reading I've come to some possibilities what's wrong. Grease in cv joints hardened, support bearing, lower and upper motor mount, belt tensioner bearing, wheel bearing, front drive shafts.
So here's my problem:

Volvo Xc90 D5 AWD 185hp 2006 123000 km

CV joints at both ends of the propeller shaft has recently been greased up , but still the same noise between 35-50 mph / 60-80 km / h and from 1600 to 1800 rpm.
The sound sounds like a rumbling along with a ring. Subsequent throttle speed. The sound disappears when accelerating or gas reduction.
Have checked the heat shields along the shaft , top motor mount. but the most reasonable seems as if something is moving / spinning that creates the sound.
Anyone know what could cause this noise?
Any help would be gratefully received .
The sound makes me crazy !!!
link to video

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