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Default Odd smell

Recently purchased a MY20 S60 T8 polestar engineered. Although itís just over a year old, I picked it up the week before Christmas with less than 600 miles on the clock as itís spent most of its first year sat in a show room so itís basically brand new.
Today as every working day, I had the car plugged in at work. Half hour before leaving I have started the pre conditioning and after the half hour, come out to set off. When unplugging the car I had noticed a smell from the front bumper/wheel arch area of the car which I can only describe as a mild hot electrical smell. I could also hear a fan or something similar in the same area.

My question simply is, is this something to be concerned about? Reason I mention that the car is virtually new is I know a lot of new components have various coatings used in the manufacture process which sometimes burn off. I donít know how the car provides heating in pre conditioning but if itís a petrol parking heater, would it be in this location?

My 14 mile drive home was absolutely fine, no issues and when I parked up, no smell at all.
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