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Sad update:

Dropping my want for a D6 PHEV now. Sorry folks but they are just potentially too big a risk (in terms of s might have to spend, and the thought of a big ticket breakdown whilst in foreign climes, oh and the spare filled the whole boot - where to put the luggage???) for me as they get older.

Have cut over to fully loaded A4 Allroad 3.0Tdi to keep for intercontinental cruising (Grrrr BREXIT ... grrr!) and caravan towing. Big shock ... Audi Sport seats also incredibly comfortable!!). Now use my wife's i3 REX for all our local and intermediate trips unless inclement weather - so much more positive to drive, more fun, turning circle for shopping run wow! Wife refused to drive the D6 cos of the vague steering, loves the i3 to bits. Allroad 50mpg plus on all my longer runs which actually beats what I used to get on my PHEV!

Still love the idea of the Volvo and will monitor the V60 PHEV petrol in the hope one day I might be able to afford one/ hope they stay more reliable than D6.
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