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Smile Too many AMPs? Fuel pump

Just fitted a new fuel pump and tank fuel pump to my 1990 (but still) k tronic 200e 240.

But it is using too much current (or so I believe). The cables and relay get really warm when in use, so much so I would think they would maybe melt in time.

When checked at the fuse box, about 15 amp are being drawn. At the tank pump about 1.5a are being drawn, but at the main fuel pump 14.5a is flowing!

I know the main is the main, but this seems too much to me (as shown in the picture).

Do any of you know what it should be about, it is easy to check with a clamp meter (very useful device) around the main cable under the rear seat? I have cleaned the earth cable too, so not sure what else to do other than get another pump?

I hope someone wise can advise.
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