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Derek UK Mar 21st, 2020 14:15

Kent Section Meetings - Cancelled
Kent Section Meetings at The Moat are cancelled for the foreseeable future. Until the government rescinds its order that closes Pubs etc there will be no section meetings. I can't predict when this might be. September? Who knows.

Stay safe. Obey the rules. Be sensible. Things will get worse and life will become more difficult but try and benefit from the positives where you can.

Derek UK Aug 1st, 2020 13:11

Update: In my previous post I suggested that September might be the first safe opportunity to restart the Kent section meetings. I have just received the August edition of the Driver. In my report I noted, as well as listing in the calendar, that an August meeting might be possible and would be confirmed or otherwise if I was asked and all was well with The Moat, our meeting place. I listed the September as "on" unless there were complications. Since these details were sent for posting in the Driver, The Moat has set out there opening times and rules. Unfortunately they have decided not to open at all on Mondays, our normal meeting day. They also state a 1 1/2 hour attendance time for attendance and a max of 6 at a table. This is aimed at those who go to eat and table service is also mandated. They may be a bit flexible about this. This isn't a venue where many go just for a pint or two.
So, based on that we will have to see if they decide to open again on Mondays or change our meeting day to, I guess, Tuesday. Possibly on a temporary basis.
Members, including the regulars, please ring or send me an email, to give me an idea of your views on future meetings. My details are in the Driver.
The Moat website gives details of their rules and how they plan to look after you. Beware that if you have the sound on the opening talk by the company CEO starts VERY loud!

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