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Joe H Nov 12th, 2019 17:45

Advice on hand controls
Hi All -
I need to get a car with hand controls (push / pull, accelerator / brake + indicators) for someone not eligible for Motability.
I am getting conflicting information from garage and a local adaptation company so can anyone tell how a 'normal' Motability adaptation is carried out on Volvos, especially the last gen XC60?
Is it a mechanical set up with levers from hand control down to the normal pedals or is it some kind of fly-by-wire with the hand control plugged into the vehicle electronics?

ovlov04v Dec 10th, 2019 18:26

You should be able to have either or combination of both. You should visit a local company or DVLA approved disability test centre to see the opitons and try them out on their modified cars.
My wife, who does not get mobiltiy, has a V40 with mechanical controls which she chose instead of the electronics. The company had no issues with fitting electronics to my new S60 either.
The link shows you all the options available. I have no link to the company other than it was the one we used as they are local to us.

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